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James Franco, Lindsay Lohan and Anderson Cooper
Entertainment news: Special to the Online Edition of Windy City Times
by Andrew Davis

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Angelina Jolie has been forced out of Bosnia. According to Newser.com, a film Jolie is directing has caused much controversy because of the theme of inter-ethnic love as well as because of a rumored rape scene. Bosnian rape victims have protested that Jolie's movie reportedly shows a "loving surrender" by women to Serbian rapists during the Bosnian War, which ran from 1992 to 1995; producers deny that the film involves rape. Because of the controversy, Jolie has moved filming to Hungary, adding in a statement, "There has been a great deal of misinformation in the media about my current film project. I am deeply sensitive to the suffering experienced by members of your associations and I would never trivialize what they went through."

U.S. District Judge William Terrell Hodges has ordered actor Wesley Snipes to surrender to authorities so he can start serving a three-year prison sentence for tax-related infractions, according to the L.A. Times. Snipes, 48—who has starred in such movies as Blade and To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar—was convicted two years ago on three misdemeanor counts of failure to pay his income tax. Snipes had been free on bond since then while appealing.

Kim Zolciak of The Real Housewives of Atlanta has gone from dating another woman to becoming pregnant by her boyfriend, according to People.com. Zolciak, 32, has been dating NFL player Kroy Biermann, 25, for several months. She had previously made headlines for dating female DJ Tracy Young.

Lindsay Lohan has lost her role portraying the title individual in the movie Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story, a biopic about the former porn queen, according to People.com. The film's producer, Chris Hanley, said, "Lindsay had scheduling issues due to legal obligations and is continuing to focus on getting better in rehabilitation in Palm Springs, and she really had to focus on that in our opinion—and hers." Actress Malin Akerman ( Watchmen ) will replace Lohan.

Actress Anne Hathaway, currently co-starring with Jake Gyllenhaal in the film Love and Other Drugs, said on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon that she has already written herself a part on the TV show Glee, according to AfterElton.com. Hathaway said that he would like to the long-lost lesbian aunt of openly gay character Kurt; she would help him with his sexuality and sing "You Are Not Alone" from the Broadway musical Into the Woods. Earlier this year, Hathaway, who has a gay brother, revealed that her family left the Catholic Church because of its stance on homosexuality.

On Late Night with David Letterman, actor Jim Carrey—who is earning raves playing a real-life gay con man in I Love You, Phillip Morris—indicated to the host that his gay-related questions seemed dated, according to AfterElton.com. Letterman asked such questions as "Do you worry about your image as a heterosexual leading man playing a homosexual?" and "Are homosexuals saying the [ I Love You, Phillip Morris ] part should have gone to a homosexual actor?" At one point, Carrey said, "Boy, we haven't grown at all, have we? We're still children in the schoolyard." Carrey also took time to comically undress Letterman with his eyes.

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Yigit Pura, 29, became the first out gay man to win the finale of Top Chef: Just Desserts, nabbing $100,000, according to AfterElton.com. In an interview with AfterElton, he dished on being a sex symbol and the homophobia of fellow contestant Morgan Wilson, who called another male competitor, Zac, a "fairy" ( "You have to realize that making these comments to Zac or to anyone else isn't funny and isn't clever and doesn't prove you to be a bigger man. It's just disgusting and it takes the gay rights movement back about a decade." )

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is going to be on the big screen—but creator Joss Whedon will not be part of the project, according to Popeater.com. Whedon wrote the screenplay for the original 1992 film ( that had Kristi Swanson as Buffy ) and created the 1997-2003 TV series ( that had Sarah Michelle Gellar as the title character ) . Whedon told E! Online, "Obviously I have strong, mixed emotions about something like this ... I always hoped that Buffy would live on even after my death. But, you know, AFTER. ... And there is no legal grounds for doing anything other than sighing audibly. I can't wish people who are passionate about my little myth ill."

Black Swan actress Mila Kunis has revealed that she went on an eating spree after dieting for months for the film. Kunis—who co-stars with Natalie Portman in the film, and has a love scene with her—said that her weight went down to 98 pounds at one point, worrying her family. Kunis said that she hated her shapelessness at that point, adding that, after filming wrapped, she indulged in burgers and Chinese food.

In news that may sadden fanboys and fangirls, actor Christian Bale has said that his next movie as Batman will be his last, according to AceShowbiz.com. The Dark Knight Rises will be the end of the Batman film series by director Christopher Nolan. The previous movie, The Dark Knight, featured the late actor Heath Ledger as Batman's nemesis, The Joker.

A coroner has determined that George Hickenlooper, who helmed movies such as Factory Girl, died from an accidental overdose of alcohol with ethanol and oxymorphone, AceShowbiz.com reported. Hickenlooper died in Colorado in October at the age of 47 as the drug mixture affected his breathing; he also had an enlarged heart and a history of sleep apnea. Factory Girl was a 2006 film that looked at the life of '60s socialite Edie Sedgwick, who was a muse of Andy Warhol.

Producers of the film adaptation of Reichen Lehmkuhl's autobiography want Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford and Twilight hottie Taylor Lautner to be in the movie, according to Advocate.com. wanted Reichen Lehmkuhl, who has won TV's The Amazing Race and stars on Logo's reality-TV show The A-List, wrote a memoir about being in the military as a closeted gay man. Since then, Lehmkuhl, who once dated Lance Bass, has campaigned against "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

Michael Brea, an actor who had appeared in a bit part on the TV show Ugly Betty, has been charged with second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon after authorities found him near his dead mother with a three-foot-long sword, according to CNN.com. The victim, Yannick Brea, suffered multiple stab wounds and was found in a kneeling position. Michael has since claimed that he felt like the character Neo in the Matrix film series, "hearing voices and feeling powerful," according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

Actor John Travolta is reportedly furious after the website Gawker ran claims that he engaged in sex with other men in various saunas, Pink News reported. Gawker published reports from writer Robert Randolph that allege Travolta and other celebrities have had same-sex affairs. Travolta's attorney, Marty Singer, has supposedly sent a letter to Gawker demanding that the website immediately remove the story and issue a retraction. Gawker said, "Most media outlets ... were too shy to delve into the steamy details. We're not quite as timid." Travolta's wife, actress Kelly Preston, recently gave birth to their third child.

Folk-music icon Joan Baez is recovering from injuries after falling 20 feet from a treehouse, according to MonstersAndCritics.com. She was treated at a hospital and released after slipping while climbing down an oak tree behind her home. Baez, 69, had the treehouse built in the 200-year-old tree, and often sleeps in it.

American Idol alum Fantasia Barrino testified in her married lover's child-custody case—and revealed that she aborted the child she conceived with him, according to AceShowbiz.com. Barrino was a witness in the case involving Antwaun Cook and his estranged wife, Paula, Nov. 22. Barrino had the abortion around the time of her suicide attempt in August. Paula is alleging that Antwaun and Barrino had an affair in which he enjoyed "the lavish benefits associated with the high-profile relationship."

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt is preparing to return to work after the death of his brother, Dan, last month, AceShowbiz.com reported. Joseph—who has been in such movies as Inception and Mysterious Skin—pulled out of promotional talks about his website, HitRECord.org, after Dan, 36, passed away. On his website's Regularity series, Joseph, 29, said, "To level with you, I still can't really handle the workload that I usually do, but I wanna start getting back to some projects."

Out gay singer Clay Aiken and Dancing with the Stars' Louis Van Amstel were among those who recently testified in front of Congress about two anti-bullying and -harassment bills ( the Safe Schools Improvement Act and the Student Non-Discrimination Act ) , according to a GLSEN press release. Aiken and Van Amstel joined U.S. Sens. Bob Casey and Al Franken; U.S. Reps. Linda Sanchez and Jared Polis ( who is openly gay ) ; and Sirdeaner Walker and Tammy Aaberg, two mothers who lost their sons to suicide after they endured bullying. Aiken said, "I never had someone who told me that it was ok to be different … that it was okay to be me. ... We need federal leadership from Congress to encourage all states and districts and each and every school to create safe learning environments where all students can learn and succeed."

Actors James Franco and Anne Hathaway have been named as the co-hosts for next year's Academy Awards, according to the Guardian. Hathaway, 28, is currently in Love and Other Drugs with Jake Gyllenhaal, whom she also co-starred with in Brokeback Mountain. Franco, 32, who is earning raves for the movie 127 Hours, has also been in Milk and Howl, among many other movies. The Oscars will take place Feb. 27, 2011, at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, Calif.

Speaking of Franco, his appearance on Inside the Actor's Studio broke attendance records, according to TMZ.com. Tickets to the interview were in such demand that the show's staff had to reject a record number of people, including hundreds of industry professionals who tried to get free tickets to the show. After the taping, Franco stayed around for an extra 90 minutes, talking with every fan who wanted to talk.

The Broadway show Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark had its first preview Nov. 29—and caused as much buzz because of its technical snafus as it did for his concept and cost, according to the Wall Street Journal. Because of all the acrobatics, cast members and stunt performers are more prone to injury. Ken Abdo, a lawyer for Spider-Man star Reeve Carney, said, "Our antenna is up. We don't want to see [ Carney ] in harm's way." However, investor Norton Herrick—who has put several million dollars into the production—said that there is enough time to smooth out the kinks. Opening night is Jan. 11, 2011.

Singer Pink has revealed that she and husband Carey Hart have decided to name their baby Jameson if the couple has a boy, according to TheCelebrityCafe.com. Pink said, "My dad's name is James, and my brother's name is Jason. [ Carey and I ] are both Irish, Carey's middle name is Jason, [ and ] Jameson—we like whiskey. That's a no-brainer." The singer announced her pregnancy Nov. 15 on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show.

The Kids Are All Right actor Mark Ruffalo said that he was told that Pennsylvania's Office of Homeland Security has placed him on the terrorist watch list, according to a Fox News item. He was put on the list because he screened GasLand, a documentary about natural gas drilling, in the state and said he was opposed to the practice. However, a Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency spokeswoman has denied that Ruffalo is on any list.

Anderson Cooper said that singer Lady Gaga got him drunk on whiskey when he interviewed her for a 60 Minutes profile, according to an Advocate.com item. Cooper said that Gaga got him to drink two glasses of Jameson, and "by the end I was ready to have the interview be over because I really sort of couldn't ask any more questions." The segment will air in February.

Madonna has opened her first gym, Hard Candy Fitness—in Mexico City. According to Advocate.com, the facility has images of the gay icon; however, the emphasis is on fitness. Madonna cut the ribbon to the facility, then taught a dance class for 20 people with music by DJ Paul Oakenfold. Membership at the gym, located in the upscale Bosques de las Lomas area, is about $160 each month after paying an $830 initiation fee. Madonna plans to open a chain of the facilities.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, actor Johnny Depp said that Disney was not fond of his flamboyant portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean—with one executive even asking about Depp's sexuality, according to an Advocate.com item. Depp said that he told the executive "all my characters are gay," which reportedly "made her nervous." Depp will next co-star with Angelina Jolie in The Tourist, which will be out Dec. 10.

Elton John is slated to perform at a private anti-Prop 8 event Jan. 19, according to an Advocate.com item. The event will take place at the Beverly Hills estate of supermarket entrepreneur Ron Burkle. John's performance comes in the wake of an art auction in New York that raised $600,000 for the American Foundation for Equal Rights ( the group funding the lawsuit against Prop 8 ) that drew support from Mayor Michael Bloomberg, among others. For more information about the Jan. 19 show, visit the American Foundation for Equal Rights website, http:// www.afer.org , or e-mail events@afer.org .

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