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Porn again: DJ Tristan Jaxx on balancing music and adult movies
Special to the online edition of Windy City Times
by Andrew Davis, Windy City Times

Like some people, DJ Tristan Jaxx has more than one job. However, it's unlikely that others work in the professions he does: spinning records and acting in gay-porn movies.

Recently, Jaxx wrote a piece for the Huffington Post entitled "Can a Porn Star Be a Successful DJ?" (It's at www.huffingtonpost.com/tristan-jaxx/can-a-porn-star-be-a-successful-dj_b_1909501.html.) ; The very genial Jaxx talked about that article, his changing views about making porn and his own musical tastes in Chicago this past weekend before a DJ gig at Boystown nightspot Hydrate.

Windy City Times: I actually came across your name with the Huffington Post piece, but what I'm calling the "car interview" [conducted in a vehicle with Jeff 4 Justice] was pretty revealing. When did you start your porn career?

Tristan Jaxx: It was about six years ago.

WCT: And a friend suggested you might be good for that industry. How'd you feel about that?

Tristan Jaxx: [Smiles] Well, I'm really dorky so I thought it was a joke: "Whatever you say—sure, I have the looks. Uh-huh." I am a gamer who chills at home; I had never done stuff like that or asked people to rate me on a scorecard. [Laughs] He was looking for fresh talent.

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WCT: And you were in that business for how long?

Tristan Jaxx: Well, technically I'm still in it. I haven't officially made a statement. I haven't done one in, say, three months but there are still some coming out.

WCT: And you'd make more?

Tristan Jaxx: I would, considering the kind of film it is. I'm more picky, I guess. There are things I personally don't like, so I'm a little more selective.

WCT: It's interesting that you see yourself as "dorky." People in the industry are not often viewed that way. Are you a Comic-Con person?

Tristan Jaxx: I should go—I live in San Diego [a Comic-Con site]. I used to collect all the comic books: Spider-Man, X-Men.

WCT: And people of all types are there—it reminds me of IML.

Tristan Jaxx: I just went to IML for the first time this year. (I was spinning for Hydrate that weekend.) Leathermen are, like, the nicest people in the world. They're like, "I'm gonna beat you but you're so nice." [Laughs]

WCT: With the movie career, is dating or having a relationship awkward in any way?

Tristan Jaxx: Well, now, I have a boyfriend [Cavin Knight], so half that problem's gone, I guess. [Laughs]

It was not bad, though. People think porn stars are the slutty ones but it's actually the ones we go on dates with who are that way. Guys aren't very patient; they're all ready to go. I don't think my career has an impact on their decisions. I don't think people would guess I'm a porn star just looking at me.

WCT: Also, in that car interview, you said that you weren't that close with your family? Have family members responded at all about your movie career?

Tristan Jaxx: Well, it's my fault because I haven't officially told them yet. All my friends have suggested that I not tell them.

My parents are pretty cool. They're fine with the whole "gay" thing, although it took them a while. [My friends] would think [telling them about the movies] would send them over the edge. We still fight back and forth one day. I feel my parents should know everything I've done.

WCT: Before someone else tells them, possibly…

Tristan Jaxx: I'm sure someone already has. My uncle has accidentally gotten my porn before. He won it in a contest. He sent me a text: "Are you in this movie? I thought I saw you." I said, "Yeah, yeah, yeah." He said, "OK, cool. I liked the guy who killed you." I die in that movie [To the Last Man]. It's fun playing that kind of role—as long as you're faking your own death.

WCT: Do you ever see yourself in non-porn or mainstream movies?

Tristan Jaxx: Not really. It would be a surprise to me if that happened. If that option came to the table, I don't think I'd say no—but I don't see that happening.

WCT: How did you become interested in being a DJ?

Tristan Jaxx: I've always liked people—before I started making movies. I was always the one going to a friend's party, saying, "Oh, let me make an iPod playlist." That was back during the dial-up/AOL days, and I had the worst Internet. I'd go over to a friend's house and I would download songs. Back then, you really had to dig to find your music.

WCT: By the way, there's nothing wrong with Brandy. [Note: Jaxx previously stated that his first CD was by Brandy.]

Tristan Jaxx: [Laughs] Nothing's wrong with Brandy; it's just not where people would expect me to go. She was big back then. She has a new CD coming out, with a song with Chris Brown. When I heard that, I said, "…and you're off my radar now."

WCT: How would you describe your current musical style?

Tristan Jaxx: I guess it's very high-energy. I don't want people to leave the dance floor; I want them to be glued there—and then, of a sudden, the night is over. So it's whatever I can find to keep people going; I look for energy, beats and drums. The sets are four to six hours.

I have a lot of boot-camp teachers who say they use my music for their classes because it's high-energy. It just keeps people going.

WCT: I don't know if I've ever danced for that long continuously, although I came close at "Prince Nation Night" at Berlin—nothing but Prince all night long.

Tristan Jaxx: You mean Prince, the singer? I might have to break that. He's a really good artist, but I can't be around any artist 24/7.

WCT: Why did you write that Huffington Post piece?

Tristan Jaxx: I just wanted an outlet to tell my story—to show people that there's more to what I do than just, "I can't do movies anymore. Maybe I should try being a DJ." That's not how I think. I think that article gets my words across pretty well.

WCT: One last question: Not that you should, but do you have any regrets?

Tristan Jaxx: Not really. I'm who I am today because of the good and the bad. If I took any of it back, I might not be the person I am right now.

See www.djtristanjaxx.com for more about Jaxx.

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