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3% of College Career Centers score high on LGBTQ certification assessment
OUT for Work's annual LGBTQ Career Center Certification Assessment results released

From a News Release

Washington, DC, December 5, 2012: Overall, career centers in higher education are gradually improving in providing services to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) students. However, OUT for Work's 2013 Career Center Certification Report indicates there is still much work to do with only 3% percent of the career centers surveyed earning an A+ Gold ranking.

The newest findings are based on a comprehensive assessment completed by 158 career resource centers in higher education. The assessment is intended to gauge the current career tools, available resources, and programmatic efforts accessible to LGBTQ students through campus career centers. Career centers may earn an A+Gold, Gold, Silver, or Bronze certification ranking based on their responses from the annual assessment.

See http://issuu.com/outforwork/docs/2013_cccp_report/ for all findings of OUT for Work's 2013 Career Center Certification Report. [Note: All university and college career center leaders are encouraged to contact OUT for Work to learn more about the annual assessment, and to ensure they participate in future years.]

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While modest, results show incremental progress over last year's scores. Twelve career centers surged from Bronze level to Silver and nine from Bronze to Silver level in just one year. This suggests that the awareness, consultation, and resources provided by OUT for Work enhances awareness and expertise. Colgate University's Center for Career Services, Texas State University's San Marcos Career Services, University of Maryland College Park's University Career Center & The President's Promise, and Washington University in St. Louis' Weston Career Center- Olin Business School each received the A+ Gold level of certification.

General findings show:

85 percent of the career centers assessed provide tools, resources, information and/or advice to students on finding LGBTQ friendly employers;

77 percent of career centers at community colleges provide students with guidance on 'coming out' on a resume; and

14 percent of career centers assessed have a designated staff member serving LGBTQ students.

"This year's report goes above and beyond in the area of providing a narrative and statistical data in regards to the state of career centers in higher education serving the LGBTQ student population," stated OUT for Work's Founder Riley Folds.

Current and future students, academic institutions, as well as employers are all encouraged to use the report as a means to support the needs of LGBTQ identified students. OUT for Work also works closely with employers to ensure that assessment results are included in their campus recruitment strategies. Further, the organization is committed to strengthening the tools, resources, and programs that career centers provide to their LGBTQ students by offering expert consultations, training opportunities, and resources to career center staff.

About OUT for Work: OUT for Work functions as a complementary component in the total educational experience of LGBTQ college students; helping effect change in the development, evaluation, initiation, and implementation of career plans and opportunities. The nationally recognized nonprofit organization is dedicated to educating, preparing, and empowering LGBTQ college students as they transition from academia to the workplace.


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