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Windy City Times 2004-09-08

Theater: Wonderful World by: MARY SHEN BARNIDGE
Theater: Takeout to the Ballgame by: JONATHAN ABARBANEL
Theater: The Outfit by: JONATHAN ABARBANEL
Jazzy Singer: Patricia Barber by: Richard Knight, Jr.
Womenfest in Key West
Fall Leaf Tours by: CYNTHIA A. MARQUARD
Dance for Life
Estrojam Returns
Lesbian-Feminist Womyn's Music Herstory at CHS
Scissor Sisters perform at the Metro Sept. 15. by: ARJAN TIMMERMANS
Theater: Cave With Man by: MARY SHEN BARNIDGE
Sports: Senior Cup Softball
Sports: Olympic Gymnasts in Town—2 Events
Sports: Nike hit & Wonder
CMSA Tennis Cup
Windy City Times Theater Preview coming Sept. 22
Theater: Hannah And Martin by: MARY SHEN BARNIDGE
Sports: Pedaling for Roe by: MARIE-JO PROULX
Knight at the Movies: Bright Young Things and Wicker Park by: Richard Knight, Jr.
Letters: Marriage equality, or was it something else?
Views: Republicans Get Gussied Up for Prime Time by: Mubarak Dahir
Bush Blasts Gay Marriage; Keyes Attacks by: REX WOCKNER
here! TV's September LGBT Features
Deep Inside Hollywood by: Romeo San Vicente
Young Republicans by: Aaron Parsely
NewsWrap by: Raphael Abant├ęs
Chicago News Notes
Young, Proud and Angry: GLBTs at Republican Convention by: Aaron Parsley
New Jersey Soap Opera Continues by: Bob Roehr
Home Depot Does Quick Benefits Reverse
National Latin Gay Group LLEGO Folds by: Joe Crea
Log Cabin Republicans Vote to Withhold Endorsement from President Bush
Sept. 8: Log Cabin Nixes Bush, Others Endorse Kerry by: Bob Roehr
Sept. 8: Washington Judge Rules for Marriage for Same-Sex Couples
Chicago Gay History
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