Lise Alschuler



1) Birthdate:


2) Birthplace:

Boston, Massachusetts

3) Date you first mark as getting together with your partner Ann Adams:

July 9, 2005

4) City/state where you live currently:

Chicago, Illinois

5) Education:

Brown University/Bastyr University Naturopathic Medical Degree

6) Career:

Naturopathic physician

7) Did you serve in the U.S. military?


8) How do you describe your sexuality and your gender?


9) Do you have children and/or grandchildren?


10) If you are GLBT, please describe when you first "knew":

Age 13 or 14; came out at age 27.

11) Who did you first "come out" to and when?

I came out to my fiancée in 1993 then came out to my family. They were very supportive, and the work environment is very open and supportive.

12) What troubles did you face as a GLBT person?

I have experienced a supportive professional community and family support.

13) Did you have mentors in the Chicago GLBT community?

I was exposed to Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and the Point Foundation Board.

14) Involvement in organizations (GLBT and/or mainstream):

Human Rights Campaign/HRC (donor)
Point Foundation (donor)

15) What were the key issues faced in the GLBT community when you first came out?

Equal rights.

16) What issues do you see as key in the GLBT community today?

Equal rights and equality, societal acceptance, and inclusion.

17) How have AIDS and/or other health issues impacted your life personally?

I lost some friends to AIDS and have several colleagues and friends living with HIV. As a healthcare practitioner, I have treated lots of HIV+ individuals.

18) How would you describe the "diversity" within the Chicago GLBT community?

The biggest divider is social economics. There is little racial integration.

19) If you consider yourself a "political" activist, how do you define this?

Engaged in local and national process to increase awareness of various issues and to pass legislature to bring those issues forward.

20) Describe what you feel your personal legacy is to the Chicago GLBT community.

Being supportive of my partner Ann.

21) Additional comments and memories.

I admire Ann for her generosity of time, energy and resources to further the LGBT community's contribution to the betterment of society.

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